#1 Partner in building Data Driven applications

We specialize in real time software solutions and Big data processing for Financial, Insurance and Municipal sector.

We increase operational efficiency, lower costs and create significant competitive advantage for our clients.

We build applications that are:
- Distributed
- Event-driven
- Concurrent
- Reactive

Our applications are

Elastic & Decentralized

High Performance


Resilient by Design


• We analyze and map client needs

• We identify cost, time and other opportunities


• We optimize cost and time to market

• We improve response times

• We improve product quality


 We implement custom software solutions, where off the shelf products are not available

• Our solutions improve sales and profits

• Our customers gain insight and create knowledge from data

Plans & Pricing

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5 Day Free Trial

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$10 / month
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What People Say About Us

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About Us

SYNNETRA is a firm that specializes in tested, quality business solutions. With experience in the private and public sector, SYNNETRA designed systems result in proven increased operational efficiency, lower internal costs and a significant competitive advantage for clients. By changing data into knowledge, our clients' success is SYNNETRA's success.

SYNNETRA is providing services and products since 2003 and has been financially stable since inception.


SYNNETRA is managed by an experienced team of professionals, who have deep domain expertise in information technology, computer simulation technologies and process technologies.

Some of our clients include: