Our solutions


SYNNETRA provides a comprehensive range of services to build and maintain sophisticated applications, which distribute and process large volumes of financial data in real-time. 

Using reactive programing we design, develop and deploy highly concurrent, distributed and fault tolerant event-driven application.

Real-time data driven front-end solutions:
- Responsive HTML5 websites based on React.js, Angular 2, RxJS
- Real-time grids with filters able to support hundreds of updates per second
- Highly scalable real-time charts with indicators

Complex Event Processing:
- Our solutions support up to 10 million msg/sec
- Real-time financial calculations
- Rule based reactive engines with triggers

Real-time applications differ significantly from commonly deployed technology.  SYNNETRA has the skills and experience to deliver cost effective real-time applications.


Enterprise content management refers to the management of both structured data and un-structured information across the enterprise. Structured data can include information that is created and stored and defined in a systematic manner, while unstructured data can reside on different platforms, databases and applications. 

Unstructured information is difficult to find, retrieve, share and manage. A solid enterprise content management solution from SYNNETRA can tie together both structured and unstructured information and provide the ability to document it, publish it, secure it and collaborate around it. ECM also ensures information is managed throughout its lifecycle; from creation and delivery of content in varying formats and across multiple channels, to its eventual archiving or decommission.


Systems and data integration are an IT inevitability and a fundamental requirement for businesses to operate efficiently and effectively. You have to make the technologies in your ever-changing IT environment talk to each other. Even in this age of interoperability and platform-independent languages, it can still be a complex process. Effective Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) requires a combination of business and technical expertise. SYNNETRA has a proven integration modeling methodology to transform business processes and integrate technical solutions.


A relationship management strategy is not just about building a plan to provide technical capabilities. A sound relationship management strategy is a blueprint for turning an enterprise's customers, partners and employees into assets by building up their value. Customers, partners, and employees only become assets once they reach a level of "loyalty" that increases the relationship value. 

At SYNNETRA our relationship management strategy and solutions focus on: synchronizing the relationship management goals to the organization's financial and corporate goals, relationship acquisition, and relationship development and retention goals. Our consultative approach ensures we understand the organization's unique business and relationship objectives in order to develop a clear strategy and implementation plan.


At SYNNETRA we use real-world expertise and information technology experience to help clients solve their business challenges. 

We provide our clients with the highest level of quality in the areas of enterprise architecture, enterprise application integration, application development and application modernization. 

Through our system integration and development services, we help clients plan, design and implement technology solutions such as business transformation, information security, CRM and business intelligence; database services; and emerging technologies, such as mobile computing.